What is LIFT?

LIFT is our Semi Private Personal Training (SPPT) service

What does LIFT look like?

In a LIFT class you will be training along side a few other participants while a MOVE trainer coaches and cues each of you through your own individual training sessions.

Who is LIFT for?

Honestly, LIFT is for anyone looking to follow a program that helps them get stronger and increase their quality of movement. It comes at a high value because of the current price and the increased coaching involved compared to a group class. It is semi personalized and therefore has crossover with other clients but also meets you at your current abilities. If you want a program that is easy to follow that you can perform 2 to 4 times a week with the guidance of a certified trainer, LIFT is for you.

What is included with LIFT?

Before you begin training, you will have an assessment where a trainer can assess your movement capabilities and provide you with the best exercise for you to improve both your strength and movement patterning. Therefore, you will have your own semi customized program based upon your assessment and the capabilities you show during the assessment.

How do I get an assessment done?

During our first couple weeks back in the studio we will have multiple trainers available. One will coach LIFT for the individuals already with a program and one will be available to take those that have yet to have an assessment through one. After the first couple weeks of the program, assessments will need to be scheduled in advance.

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Will my program be specific to my goals?

Each client’s program will be based upon their strength and movement quality within several common movement patterns (ex. Squat) then exercises and programming will be given based upon those capabilities to improve both strength and quality. Therefore, we call the program you are given Semi Customized, as the program is only customized based upon your assessment, not necessarily your goals. Note: for a more detailed program designed and tailored specifically for you please investigate our many Personal Training options including 1on1, 2on1, 3on1 and 4on1.

What is in my program?

Each program includes 2 training sessions that can each be done up to 2x per week. The 2 plans are different from each other and each day’s programming is a full body session. Currently, programs are based upon building strength over conditioning due to the present restrictions in high intensity work and ‘cardio’. However, this will change as restrictions are continuously eased.

How often will my program change?

Programs will change every 4 to 6 weeks depending upon your progress. Progress can be defined by quality of movement, increases in strength and/or mobility, as well as rate of recovery. Program changes can be described as increases in volume, weight/intensity, reduction in rest, exercise selection, etc.

What equipment is utilized in each program?

Because we are currently not allowed to share equipment and do not have bars, cable columns and TRXs for all, the programs will primarily be utilizing Dumbbells, Kettle Bells, and Bands. Once Covid restrictions are eased, we will re-incorporate any other equipment needed for an individual’s program that may be shared among the LIFT attendees.

How often can I attend LIFT with my Monthly or Yearly Unlimited Pass?

Due to the nature of SPPT and it’s higher value over group training and classes we are limiting each client to 4 LIFT sessions per week. However, you are still welcome to come in during Open Gym times and training using your program or do your own session without the guidance of a trainer.

Can I attend LIFT using a Class pack or Drop In?

LIFT sessions are appointment only and must be booked in advance on our website or app or using the Mindbody app, therefore there are no drop ins are allowed. However, you may currently used one of you class package sessions to attend LIFT. This is actually a great value over attending a class and therefore is high encouraged while it lasts under these current conditions.

What Covid protocols need adhering to while in LIFT?

Under the current rules, a mask must be worn at all times (minus hydrating), 3m of distancing must be observed, except for the trainer coming to give coaching instruction. This means you will be limited to your spot in the room while you train, with the exceptions being either to grab some water, and to retrieve or replace equipment. Equipment must be cleaned (sprayed and/or wiped) after your use with it is completed. Sharing of in use equipment is not allowed, however, if equipment is cleaned between uses you may use it when someone else is not.

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This is a living document and subject to updates and changes without notice.

Last Updated March 3, 2021 By Cory Horsburgh