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Spin HIIT Row Yoga Today.

At MOVE, we offer various classes that fit all areas of your mind and body.


How does music transport the soul? How is it that community connects hearts and minds to accomplish more as a team than they could alone? How can a stationary bike move a spirit past simple motivation to inspiration? Climb on, clip in, and prepare yourself; this spin experience will take you further than you've ever imagined.


All high intensity interval training programs strengthen the body's supporting muscles by working out in multiple planes of motion, ultimately increasing your ability to enjoy all the activities you love. But we don't stop there; our 50 minute, music-infused class experience takes it deeper. We believe a sound strategy is a sound body AND a sound mind. If movement is the song of the body, then MOVE's HIIT experience is the maestro. Unleash your body to soar beyond the notes on the page and into the complete spirit of the song.
HIIT with heart.


There are few things in life which reveal character more than rowing. Rowing with The MOVECrew positions this high intensity, low-impact workout into a meditative, dimly-lit, synchronized experience. Connect with the rhythm of the music in a team setting. It's going to take focus; the destination is fitness and yet, it's all about the journey.


Looking for a different spin on your Yoga experience? Take your practice to the next level by tapping into your breath and flowing to the beat. Ground yourself in the breath, the movement and the moment. This Yoga class will move you!