Frequently Asked Questions....Answered

What Classes Are Available?

MOVE offers Spin, HIIT, Row and Yoga classes.  All classes are led by an expert MOVE instructor that takes the guesswork out of working out.  MOVE classes follow a carefully designed program that delivers the most effective and safe workout ever!

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

For all classes, bring clean workout wear.  You will be in a group setting, please ensure that your clothing is washed and fragrance free.  Both shower towels and sweat towels are available for pickup and use at the front desk.

For HIIT and Row, bring clean indoor shoes that you put on after you arrive.  Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the studio, you will not be permitted to attend your class without proper foot ware.

Spin shoes are provided, however you can bring your own.  They must be clean, and have either SPD or LOOK KEO clips on them.

Bring a water bottle!  There are water fill stations at the MOVE Studios

What Is The Studio Like?

Each class is housed in its own room, with its own music and lighting.  Also, every class is led by an Expert MOVE instructor!  It’s really like having your own personal trainer with friends in the room with you.

What Is The Late Cancel Policy?

Any cancellation of a class booking within 12 hours of the start of that class will be considered a late-cancel. If you used a punch-card, single session or any non-unlimited session pass to book that class you will lose the credit you used to book that class but no further penalty shall be applied.  If you are on an unlimited monthly or recurring membership you will be subject to a $15 late cancel fee that will automatically be charged to your payment method on file.

Can I Refer A Friend?

ABSOLUTELY!  Workout Buddies are the BEST!  Simply enter your name and theirs here, we will get in touch with them.  The best part!?  You receive $25 off of your membership payment if they become a member, and they get a discounted membership rate too!!  Be sure that they know the call is coming.

Refer A Friend

Can I Pause My Recurring Membership?

Pausing your recurring MOVE Membership is possible, in 1 month increments by purchasing a MOVE Pause Pass!

Pause Pass

How Do I Cancel My Recurring Membership?

We get it, life brings change!  You can cancel your MOVE Recurring Membership at anytime by clicking the Membership Cancellation button.  Your pass will be cancelled before your next billing cycle. You can also email [email protected] if you require further assistance. Cancelation requests submitted via text, phone, or any other methods can not be processed.

Membership Cancellation

Is There A MOVE APP?

YEP!  The easiest way to buy and book classes is with the MOVE App, however you need to have an account first that cannot be made through the app itself.  Click the button below to register.

This will also be your username for your MOVE Profile
Waitlist notifications and other important details are sent through text....and we might need to call you too!

Account Management

We value each and every one of our clients, however, we’re a small company and with all the different ways that exist to get a hold of us its impossible to maintain a high level of service and responsiveness if we try to monitor them all. For that reason all account inquiries must be made by emailing [email protected], if you need to pause or cancel your membership see the relevant links in this FAQ section otherwise please email us. Requests to modify your account in any way will not be processed unless you contact us through the [email protected] email.

If you need assistance with your account click here to contact us now.

Refund Policy

All sales are final and refunds are not available. You may however pause or cancel your membership by referring to the relevant section in this FAQ page and following the prompts.

If need assistance with your account you can also click here to contact us now.