The MOVE Foundation

Community Commitment Care

What is The MOVE Foundation?

At our studio, there are passes that go unused for a variety of reasons.  We decided to put these passes to work in the best possible way.  Through nominations from you, a 3 Month MOVE membership is granted to selected nominees.  This is a meaningful way for someone to access the knowledge, community and experience that is MOVE.  Be it for financial, mental health or physical health limitations, this 3 month scholarship will help promote positivity and a long lasting learning experience.

MOVE will match any donations made here!  We will match dollar for dollar so that more people have the chance to participate.

Financial Limitations

During these times, financial hardships are more commonplace than anyone wants to admit. The MOVE Foundation can help nominees with the support that helps! The MOVE Foundation Pass is just like any other pass we offer, so there will be no stigma in accepting or using it. Access to the very best fitness available in Calgary is here, funded by the MOVE Community as a whole.

Mental Health

We know that movement promotes a positive change in your state of mind. With The MOVE Foundation, you can nominate someone that you recognize needing a boost in their life. Lockdowns and restrictions have forever changed the way we live, consistent movement can be the catalyst for real change.

Physical Limitations

We know that coming to a gym can be a very difficult choice for some members of our community. In a social media world full of filters and carefully curated content, decisions such as joining a gym can be very difficult. MOVE has prided itself on being a safe place where any fitness journey can start, no matter what the level. Every class is designed with you in mind, if you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast or professional. That first step is the hardest, The MOVE Foundation is here to help.





The MOVE Foundation Pass includes up to 10 classes or sessions per month for 3 consecutive months. This is by design to promote healthy, consistent and beneficial movement patterns that fuel change in a supportive and caring environment.
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